StylEyez : Stylize your eyes!

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StylEyez helps you add pre-made eyeball art to any photo. Whether you want to simply change the color of your eyes, create a weird and wacky picture of your friend or remove red-eye, it's sure to be a blast.

Lots of styles to choose from ranging from the realistic to the creepy! You can even use it to help you decide which colored contacts to get.

The first step is to get a photo to work on. The app works best with close-up facial photos in which the subject is looking directly into the camera. Take a photo with your phone, grab an existing photo from your Pictures Hub or use a picture from our samples.

Once you have your photo, place as many eyeballs on it as you like, then use the Move tool to position and scale each eye. For a realistic look, use the Eraser tool to trim the eyeballs into shape. The app includes additional features like an Eyepacity slider to adjust opacity and a grayscale feature that converts your photo into black-and-white.

When you're finished those eyes will really pop!

Sense the Color : Selective Coloring App

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  • "So rad. I never thought this would be this easy on my phone."

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Sense the Color combines the power of Windows Phone with the popular photo editing technique known as selective coloring. Reveal or hide color with the touch of your finger. Create striking images by uncovering the natural color within your photos!

We've made it easy for you to select areas of your photo with our fill bucket tool. If you really want to get detailed, use the brush tool to touch up your selection. If you're feeling extra creative, use our hue, saturation and brightness sliders to change the colors of your photo.

Choose images from our samples, your pictures hub or camera, when you are finished with your masterpiece, save your photo to the pictures hub for easy access and sharing!

Color Island : Coloring Book App

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Color Island is a fun and simple escape from your day or something to keep your kids busy on a long road trip. This app features coloring, connect the dots, and color by number pages with varying levels of detail making it entertaining for adults and children alike.

Use your fingertip just like a crayon to make smooth lines on the screen. With plenty of colors to choose from and multiple brush sizes, those fingers are sure to keep busy. When youíre done with your masterpiece, save it to the Pictures Hub for easy access and sharing!

New coloring pages will be available on a regular basis.